Mooncups and reusable cloth pads on sale!

The Environmenstrual Campaign at SOAS SU is still going strong this year as we continue to sell both Mooncups and Honour Your Flow reusable, washable cloth pads in room G6 for a subsidised cost!



We sell both size A and B Mooncups at only £12 per Mooncup (£22 each online!)


Honour Your Flow pads

We sell Mini (£2), Regular (£2.50), Maxi (£3), and Nightime (£4) cloth pads (saving up to £5 - £10 compared to online!)


Come to G6 in the SU to get more information or to buy any of these products!

We're currently cash only so please bring cash (exact change if possible) - there's a cash machine in the JCR if you don't have any!

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