Student Media

There's plenty of opportunities for you to be involved in student media, from our student-led radio station SOAS Radio, to our student-led newspaper The SOAS Spirit, or our PoC-led zine The Robeson.


SOAS Radio

SOAS Radio is an independent online radio station and production company based at SOAS, University of London. SOAS Radio exists as an independent media hub for students, academics and like-minded communities to share their knowledge and stories. 

SOAS Radio broadcasts and produces a variety of music and speech podcasts and radio shows with a focus on Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

SOAS Radio also functions as a production company. Clients include the Centre of African Studies, PositiveNegatives, Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Royal African Society, London International Development Centre and the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy. 

SOAS Radio has acted as a consultant of Communication for Development projects in the UK and Africa and worked in the Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Mozambique and Ghana, contributing to the setting-up and running of Biso na Biso, a community radio station for the Forest semi-nomadic Indigenous People in the North-East Republic of Congo and JT Live Radio, Ghana, a youth-led online radio station based in Jamestown, Accra.


The SOAS Spirit

The SOAS Spirit is SOAS’s official independent student newspaper, with a history dating back to 1935. The newspaper is published monthly during term and is compiled purely by students. Sections include News, Features, Opinion, Culture and Societies and Sport.

There are a variety of roles available, ranging from photographers and illustrators, to writers, editors and social media coordinators.

For more information on the different ways you can get involved, check out The SOAS Spirit’s 'Write for Us' page on their website: 

Be sure to follow The SOAS Spirit on social media!





The Robeson

The Robeson is a PoC-led zine publication that aims to amplify and showcase the voices of students of the Global Majority at SOAS by providing a curated, creative space for their expression. The Robeson is a highly collaborative project and submissions will be open to any PoC student wishing to apply. We hope to embody and build upon our namesake (and SOAS alumnus') legacy of liberation through art and culture for the empowerment of fellow PoC and solidarity with marginalised folk across the globe.

Check out The Robeson's homepage now for more information and to view the current issue!

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