Want to try something new? We have lots of Sports Teams at SOAS SU for you to get involved in!

Check the bottom of this page for Starting Your Own Sports TeamRe-Registering Your Team, and Team Budgets.

Follow the SOAS Sports Facebook page to stay up to date on socials and training sessions.













Start a New Sports Team

If you can't find a sports team you're interested in then you can always start your own!


Check out our Create a Society webpage for more information on how to create a new society.


Please note, registration deadlines apply.

Re-Register Your Team 2021/22

Were you a member of a sports team this year? Make sure you re-register your team for the next academic year!


It's important that the Union understands how many sports teams will be returning in the next academic year, so we know how best we can support you.


Complete our Society Re-Registration Form as soon as possible to register your team, and to start receiving updates about Freshers 2021!

Team Budgets

For Society Committee Members:


Don't forget to view and understand your Team Budget. This webpage goes into detail about team budgets, and contains a spreadsheet for you to view your remaining budget for the academic year.


To make a claim against your society budget, please complete a Claims Form (PDF or Word) and submit this to the SU Finance Manager.



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