This page explains how Society and Sports Team budgets work; from the allocation of your budget, to claiming expenses from it.

More information can be found in the Societies Guide.



All societies and sports teams receive a budget from SOAS SU for you to run your core activities.


You can apply for a budget at the beginning of the academic year as part of the (re)registration process. Your budget will be confirmed shortly after you've completed your (re)registration process.


You can also raise money for your student group through fundraising and sponsorships - please get in touch if you'd like more ideas or support for raising additional funding.


To spend your budget, you must first spend the money yourself and then claim back against your budget to have this returned to you.


Claims can be made by completing a Claims Form (PDF or Word) and submit this to the SU Finance Manager.


Each Claims Form must include a receipt or invoice of the money spent, and must be signed or sent by your President, Captain or Treasurer.


You can only claim for expenses up to the budget approved for your society / sports team. If you would like to spend money in a different way, you will need to speak with the SU Activities & Events Co-President first for approval.

View Your Budget

All students are allowed to see the budgets allocated to societies and sports teams.


You can view your budget here using our Society Budget Spreadsheet.


You will need to login using your SOAS email account to view this spreadsheet. For any issues logging in, please contact the SU Finance Manager.


This spreadsheet is updated regularly. The below graphic explains a bit more about how to read this spreadsheet.


If you have any questions about any of the information on this page, please contact the SU Activities & Events Co-President, or the SU Finance Manager.

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