Book A Room

SOAS SU Sports, Societies and Campaigns can book a room in SOAS to host in-person events and meetings.

SU societies can only book rooms in the following timeframes:

  • Evenings after 6pm
  • Wednesdays after 1pm
  • Weekends
  • Vacations 

If the form below doesn't load, please ensure that you are logged into SOAS Email account.

We need you to submit your room booking request at least five days in advance to make sure it will get processed in time for your event.

Once your booking has been confirmed, please contact Jesse on if you need to make any changes and wish to cancel. Allow three working days for this process to be completed, and before emailing to ask for confirmation. SOAS' timetabling team can't help with changes to your booking so don't contact them.


All room bookings for SU groups and events have to comply with our Safer Space Policy and External Speaker Briefing here.

All rooms are booked under the SOAS Code Of Practice for Room Booking which societies should be familiar with before booking rooms.



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