Cocktail and Mocktail Mixer-Social

Cocktail and Mocktail Mixer-Social

When: Thu 08 October 2020 18:00-18:30
Where: ZOOM

Hello everybody!

We are delighted to invite to our upcoming social.

The Cocktail and Mocktail Mixer is on the 8th of October at 6pm and will be hosted on ZOOM.

Get all your ingredients ready, klick on the link ( or use the Meeting ID: 783 7838 8022 Passcode: 3Ravd9) and meet and hangout with new people!!

During the social we will be showing you how to mix the Strawberry Vodka Cocktail and the Strawberry Citrus Mocktail together.

For the Strawberry Vodka Cocktail, you will need:

Vodka, Strawberries, Sprite/ Schweppes and Mint.

For the Strawberry Citrus Mocktail you will need:

Strawberries, Limes, Brown Sugar and Sprite/ Schweppes.

Whilst we are mixing the cocktails together you will have the opportunity to virtually hang out with fellow SOASians, furthermore the committee will be introducing itself and the plans and socials for the upcoming year will be presented.

E-Mail us beforehand to let us know you are attending the social ( or just klick the link and turn up on the day!

We can’t wait to meet you all and to have a couple of drinks with you.

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