Persian Miniature Course: Animals – Short Zoom Course.

Persian Miniature Course: Animals- Zoom Online

When: Sat 02 Jul 2022 16:00 - Sat 20 Aug 2022 18:00
Where: Online - Zoom


Persian Miniature Course: Animals

by Anahita Alavi


Date: Saturdays, 2 July - 20 Aug 2022

Time: 16:00-18:00 


Type of Event: Zoom Online Course

Course Fee: £210 for SOAS Students 

£250 for non-SOASians





The history of depicting animals in Persian visual arts goes back to the pre-islamic era. The inclination to represent animals has continued and developed in Persian Miniatures over the Islamic period. One can find images of various species in a broad range of illustrated manuscripts, ranging from those including the allegorical stories to those comprising hunting scenes.


Animals in Persian miniature paintings will be the focus point of this practice-based course. Among the most repeatedly depicted animals in Persian Miniature painting, four of them have been chosen to be explored. In this course, you will  learn:


•      How to draw horses

•       How to draw lions

•       How to draw gazelles

•       How to draw rabbits 

•       Drawing a few postures of each

•       Preparing paper for the painting

•       Outlining and painting two of the animals mentioned

•       Shading and rendering fine details




The course will be running in 8 consecutive weeks with each session lasting 120 minutes. The classes will be held in a group format; however, students will be able to send their practices to our tutor and receive the instructions and corrections individually.


Participants in all the levels of experiences are welcome, they will be guided step by step in various stages of making the miniature painting. Having previous knowledge and skill of brush techniques can be an advantage.


Please note that the course will be recorded and you will receive the access link within a few hours after the live session. If you wish to rely on the recorded class, you will get the full help and support from our tutor during the course. 


Students will receive the list of the required materials once they register.


The registration deadline is 28 June 2022. For registration and more information about the course please email us on Given the help and support that you will receive during the course by our tutor, we have a limited number of places available (first one, first-served).


Early bird registration is available to our subscribers; Register by 14 June 2022 and you will get a 15% discount!



Anahita Alavi has an MA in History of Art and Architecture of Islamic Middle East from SOAS University of London. An Iranian artist, she has learned Persian miniature painting and Islamic illumination under the supervision of a number of great masters in Iran. Her keen interest in the aforementioned areas led her to choose traditional art as her BA major. Aiming to enhance her theoretical-historical knowledge about Iranian culture and arts, Anahita also did an MA in Art Studies at the University of Tehran. She used to teach Persian painting and Islamic illumination at the Payame-Nur University of Tehran and a number of schools and institutes in Iran. In 2016, she started an entrepreneur project called Muqarnas Art sponsored by SOAS.

The project is concerned with teaching and producing Persian miniature and illumination. This aims to preserve the tradition of Miniature painting and Islamic illumination and transmit the respective knowledge and skills to enthusiastic students. To this end, Anahita has been teaching Persian miniature painting and Islamic Illumination courses at the SOAS London Middle East Institute and British Institute of Persian Studies and the Iranian Arts Society at SOAS.

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