‘Blog Writing 101’ - SOAS History Blog x SOAS History Society

‘Blog Writing 101’ - SOAS History Blog x SOAS History Society

When: Thu 04 February 2021 17:30-18:30

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Want your work in history published? Looking to create a public profile for yourself? A lockdown hobby? Come join the SOAS History Blog in our first event, designed to introduce you to the world of Blogging. Explore new platforms, writing styles and topics and test it all out by writing for us! 

About the SOAS History Blog

The HRP Department of SOAS is launching a new digital platform and we're inviting you to contribute! It is being built as a space where any SOAS student or staff member interested in the broad subject of 'history' is welcome to contribute articles, events, and profile-pieces. 

Who will read this blog?

It is our hope that this blog will have two broad audiences: 1) the SOAS community, and 2) the general public who are searching examples of 'what history at SOAS looks like'. 

What will be on this blog?

Some ideas include:

  • Student and Staff profiles

  • 'Finds in the Archives' 

  • Student Articles 

  • Book Reports 

  • 'Fieldwork News' 

  • Community News 

  • Calendar and event reports around the SOAS community

Who staffs this?

The day-to-day maintenance of the blog will be run by students Haritha Balasubramaniyan (HRP Undergrad, History Society Committee Member) and Ellan A. Lincoln-Hyde (HRP Doctoral Researcher, HRP Student Rep). Oversight of content and editing will be co-ordinated by Dr Andrea Janku.

At the moment we are inviting ideas for content and structure from any one interested - so come join on the 4th of February at 5:30 PM (GMT)! For now,  here’s the link to joining our Whatsapp group - https://chat.whatsapp.com/E2mnAM2xRRR2OsGPJbZ2vP 

Contact us at Ellan.lincolnhyde@gmail.com and 670859@soas.ac.uk.

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