When: Fri 09 October 2020 20:00-21:00

For the event link please see the SOAS SU BLE(Moodle) page

An online virtual live stream of DJ and Percussion mixed together blending old and funky Iranian music with new music from across the wider west Asian region that makes your head bob and your waist gher (gher or ?? means to move your waist in Farsi). The combination of turntables and the the Daf, an archaic and staple frame drum dating all the way back to the Pahlavi period in the 3rd century, is a new spin on how we construct and mix live and digital sound together seamlessly. 

Join us for a taster of what SOAS Iranian Society is all about and for a chance to virtually meet some of the other new freshers joining us this year. The link to join the live stream will be posted on our socials right before the event goes online.

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