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Refresher Training - more details

Earlier in the week we announced our Refreshers training sessions, we’re pretty chuffed with some of the changes we’ve made to improve our training so here’s a little more detail about the format and content.

The most prominent piece of feedback from our back-to-basics training sessions last Summer was that the day was too broad, it tried to cover too much and as a result at least some of the content was not relevant for each attendee; as an additional consequence there were specific areas that weren’t covered in enough depth for some attendees. In response to this we’ve revised the training to offer more focussed half-day sessions rather than a broader full day, hopefully this means that each attendee is trained on the things they want to the degree they need.

We also want to meet and train as many of you as we can(!) so we have two full days for each course to begin with but if demand is enough we will put on more dates, we’ve also tried to keep the cost as low as we can as we know some of you have to travel quite a way!


Course 1

Date: Tuesday 26th August or Tuesday 2nd September 2014

Time: 10:30am-4:00pm

This day consists of four half-day sessions, two in the morning and two in the afternoon, each attendee picks one morning and one afternoon session (or you are free to just attend a single session if you’d prefer). We’ve tried to match the sessions so as far as possible they will be relevant to different groups whether split by system knowledge or by department.

In the morning we have:

Membership Management

This is aimed at users who already use Memberships Admin and want to get to grips with more advanced functionality. Suitable as a refresher for Site Admins or an intermediate/advanced course for Membership Admins. Topics include: Grouping Types, Attributes, Requirements, Permissions, Template Groups.

Basic Website Editing

Suitable for a ‘Section Admin’ or any member of staff responsible for some page or article editing but whose primary role is not website editing. Aimed at beginners; it will not cover Skins/Templates or any CSS/JS.

And in the afternoon:

Freshers’ Fair

More of a demonstration/workshop style session this will show you how to set up and run a barcoded Freshers’ Fair using the MSL system. It will touch on some areas of Shop and product setup but previous experience of these areas is not necessary. It will also touch on Organisation Admin areas and ‘Interested’ lists.

Events & Door Entry

How to make use of the venue management functionality the system offers, it’ll cover ticket setup, wristbands/passes, attendee groups and reporting, and we’ll run a physical door entry point in the training. This is aimed at Entertainments and Venue managers.


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