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Personal Advisers

Role of a Personal Advisor

Each student is allocated a Personal Advisor. The name, contact details and office hours of your Personal Advisor will be emailed to each student’s SOAS account in the first few weeks of term after enrolment. Personal Advisor’s information will also be uploaded on the School of Law Information Point accessed via


Why does each student need to see their Personal Advisor?

Your Personal Advisor is the first address for personal and pastoral issues affecting your studies. If you have a problem and are not sure who to go to, ask your Personal Advisor. He/she will either deal with the matter or direct you to other people qualified to assist such as the Academic Development Directorate and Student Services.

Particular matters dealt with by your Personal Advisor include providing your first, and if there is more than one, your principal reference (see School of Law Policy on References below for information about the provision of references) and general advice on course options. For advice on particular courses, talk to the relevant Course Convenor, and if you need to obtain approval before enrolling on a particular course unit consult your Year Tutor.

You will be required to visit your Personal Advisor once a term so that you get to know each other and to ensure that your Personal Advisor is up to date with your progress. If you do this it will be much easier to approach your Personal Advisor if a problem arises as he/she will be better equipped to assist and will be able to give a much fuller and better informed principal reference.

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