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How to write a motion

 Here are some guidelines on how to write your motion for the Union General Meetings!

Bringing up motions at UGMs is a crucial part of your student life, giving every soas student the possibility to shape the policy of the Students Union. Once you submit a motion, you will be asked to present the motion at the UGM and be ready to receive suggestions, amendments, opposition or support for your motion by the rest of the UGM attendees. 

A vote always follows every motion, following a logic of simple majority, unless the motion is directly relevant to the SU present Constitution (in that case, the meeting's quorum has to be over 80 people, and need 2/3rds majority to pass). 

But most importantly, motions can be about anything you would like your Union to support, endorse or do. Be not embarassed to bring motions to UGM. It is an important part of being a real Soasian to be active in the making of Union policy. And remember: there is no a-priori judgement on what a motion should be about. The democratic body of students will decide! So send in your motions!!! The more the merrier!!


Before sending your motion you will be asked to tick a box that assumes you considered the equality implications of your motions on Soas students and non, in line with the Equality Act (2010). Take a moment to understand what this means:

I have considered the equality implications of this motion, and they are in line with the Equality Act (2010). [The Act outlines prohibited conduct, focusing on discrimination, victimisation and harassment based on age, Civil partnership / Marriage, Disability, Ethnicity, Gender, Gender Identity, Pregnancy & Maternity, Religion belief & non-belief, and Sexual Orientation] - FOR MORE INFO:


Here some technical details about how to write the motion. Please follow these steps!

Your motion need to be complete in the following parts:

1) Title:(make it snappy, concise and comprehensible!)

2) Proposed by:(has to be a member of the Union - all students are members of the Union!)

3) Seconded by:(has to be a member of the Union)

4) This Union notes:(facts that back up the motion and provide context)

5) This Union believes:(subjective opinions on the motion that the authors feel would aid its passing)

6) This Union resolves:(what the authors of the motion want the Union to actually do)


A great Example:


Motion to get a Union cat!

Proposed by: David Suber (

Seconded by: Tiru Valluvar (

This Union notes:

1.1 That cats eat mice and sometimes I-phone chargers.

1.2 That cats are known to make good house-pets.

1.3 That the Union heretofore does not have a cat permanently living on its premises.


This Union believes:

2.1 That a cat would add to the atmosphere of the SOAS SU, especially if it's in a hat.

2.2 That a cat in the JCR would ward off any uninvited guests.

2.3 That everybody wants to be a cat, because a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at.


This Union resolves:

3.1 To get in a cat, or some sort of feline.

3.2 To train the cat to become a vegetarian.

3.3 To call the cat Chairman Miaow. 

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