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Womens Officer

Fran Floris

'Hello, all! My name is Francesca and I’m your Women’s Officer this year!

I want to continue the incredible work of previous Women’s Officers in developing an effective harassment procedure and in supporting self-identifying women and non-binary students at SOAS. I want to give you the resources and platform you need in highlighting and resisting the gendered oppression you face and the diversity/complexity of your struggles. With the wisdom of some wonderful empowering sisters, I’ve realised the importance of self-care in our activism, and I want to ensure that you feel that you have a safe space by continuing with the incredibly necessary self-care workshops. 

I’m terrible with word-limits hence why I’ve never been very good at Twitter, so whilst there’s so much more to add I want to finish by saying that I aim to be as open and accessible as possible, so please don’t shy away from emailing me, or approaching me at SOAS, and so on. I can’t wait to meet you all! To keep updated, like ‘SOAS Women’s Network’ on Facebook'

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