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Postgraduate Research Officer

Robyn Waite

My name is Robyn and I am the Post-Graduate Research Officer and President of the Research Student Association (RSA). I envision SOAS having a vibrant and engaged doctoral student body. That’s why I will be working hard to make sure you  - doctoral students - are meaningfully engaged in matters and decision making that affect you! It’s easy to disengage when you are in an environment of isolation…..and doing a Phd. As such, I am making it my priority for the RSA to be visible and accessible to students, and ready to provide opportunities for student interaction. Myself and other members of the RSA committee can regularly be found in the RSA office on the basement floor of the Doctoral School. Drop by to say hi and tell us what’s on your mind! We will also be working hard to make sure the work environment at the Doctoral School meets diverse needs and is a space that you are proud to call your research home. 

I look forward to meeting many of you! Remember the postgraduate research officer and RSA is only as strong as the collective team. Why not join me in contributing to making SOAS a wicked place to do research by getting involved with the RSA and wider student body now?!

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