Tel: 020 7898 4995

People of Colour Officer

Sabrina Shah & Hafsah Janjua

Over the next academic year, our aims as POC officers are multiple and we look forward to welcoming you all (back) in September! We want to use this platform to create safe spaces for dialogue as well to develop a support network for our fellow self-identifying POC’s of SOAS. Look out for social events taking place throughout the year where you can let off some steam and interact with a wide range of students! In particular, we will be taking a focus on mental health and wellbeing, tackling the taboo surrounding mental health within BAME communities. We believe that together we can achieve more in overcoming our problems through community dialogue and cooperation. Please do not hesitate to email us on and to like the BME SOAS Network page on Facebook to stay in the loop! 

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