Tel: 020 7898 4995

Mature Students' Officer

Tom Mellish

Hello! I'm Tom Mellish, the Mature Students Officer at SOAS.

As a mature student that has encountered various difficulties on my way into and throughout University, I understand the struggles we face to get back into academic life while also juggling a life of our own. 

I'm here to lend an ear and provide support for any troubles you may encounter being a mature student at University. As well as this, I will be working to relieve the pressures and challenges we mature students face in our everyday lives inside and outside of University, whether that be work life, looking after family, health, as well as many others. 

I look forward to seeing and working with as many of you as possible, together we can continue to make SOAS as inclusive a place as possible for everyone. So please don't hesitate to get in touch if you ever need anything, or want to get involved!

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