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Mature Students' Officer

Tania Martins

Hello! My name is Tania Martins and I'm a 2nd Year Linguistics student. I'm a chef that decided it was time to go to university - not an easy decision. I expect quite a few mature students feel the same. And it doesn't get any easier. I see guiding mature students through any issues they might have with any part of SOAS as my main aim and I will support initiatives to create spaces and improve any aspect of SOAS.  Closely related to that, I intend to push for a review of Student Advice & Wellbeing with the collaboration with other SU Officers who have declared the improvement of Student Services and Wellbeing as one of their objectives. But it's not all serious! I hope to be planning a few events and have the first workings of a society so that Mature Students can find each other and me. I am open to suggestions, comments or just a chat, so please do email!

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