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LGBTQ Officer

 Peadar Connolly-Davey

Hello children. I’m Peadar (pronounced like bladder but with a p). I like long walks on the beach, ravioli and fried chicken. I’m in my final year of studying music here in SOAS, and I’m hoping to do a masters degree afterwards so that I can have more qualifications than anyone in my family. In my second year, I set up the SOAS Drag Society so that I can act stupid on stage as my drag character, Glangela Fever, and get loads of attention. I also was the secretary of the LGBTQ+ society which gave me my first taste of power, and the rest is history. All jokes aside, my aim as LGBTQIA+ officer is to create a more accepting environment where people are free to express themselves in whatever way they like. I plan to organise social events like drag shows, club nights, brunches, crafternoons, queer bar takeovers and more. I also will be organising campaigns and protests. If you would like to suggest ideas for events, campaigns, etc. you can email me or find me on Facebook. If you are having any LGBTQIA+ related issues in or out of SOAS, please reach out to me and I will help you out to the best of my ability.

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