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LGBTQ Officer

Tom Ana

My name is Tom Ana, I’m an undergrad art history student and your union’s LGBTQ Officer. I’m a passionate campaigner and activist – last year I ran the SOAS Queer Film Club and was involved in dozens of campaigns and projects. I’m also a mature student and before coming to SOAS I was a professional advocate and campaigner for a number of LGBTQ groups.

This role is about support – support for all LGBTQ students in whatever form we can provide. I’m hoping to dedicate most of my time to ensuring that our LGBTQ community has the space, resources and support networks it needs.

But this role is also political. It’s not enough to ensure that we within our student bubble are comfortable, but we need new and exciting ways to engage with the broader community and ensure that all people, regardless of their background, are liberated together.

If you need support related to your sexuality or gender identity please get in touch (with me or Jess, your trans officer). You can also get in touch if you have ideas for events and campaigns – or if you just want to say hello! I’m always happy to help in whatever way I can.

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