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International Students Officer

Rama Sabanekh

Salam, my name is Rama Sabanekh and I'm the International Students Officer in SOAS SU 2017/18, currently doing my BA in Politics and Economics. Students from outside the UK comprise 56% of the SOAS student body from over 113 countries from all over the world. We leave our homes looking for better lives and opportunities, by the least token, a decisive, clear voice in decision making is what we need.

My focal points for next year could be categorized under 5 titles: safety, happiness, activity, support and representation. International students face challenges that range from linguistic and academic to financial and legal. These challenges will be tackled in formal and informal measures, which will include, nation-wide campaigning and political organizing, support and presence in campus student movements, and informal spaces and events with peer-to-peer support. This will go in parallel with case-by-case/incident support through the SU or redirection to correct channels.

We have a challenge this year to protect internationalism and diversity in a time where discourse is trying to convince the masses otherwise. We will stand firmly behind our rights as students and beings in this country, and work collectively to produce a community endorsing the strength we gain from each other.

I hope my conduct this year meets our standards.

Feel free to reach me through my email: 639546@soas.a.cuk

We are here, we matter.

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