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Environment Officer


Anna Gretton

Hello everyone! My name’s Anna, and I’m so excited to be the Environment Officer for this year. With a global environmental crisis rapidly unfolding, we only have a chance of protecting the most vulnerable plants and animals, as well as humans, if we all unite in hope.

I have many plans regarding the environmental standard of SOAS. I want to make SOAS and its accommodation recycling and compost friendly, to rekindle the Common Ground Garden, and to maintain the momentum for the solar panels and beehives at SOAS. Furthermore, in order to get everyone involved in environmental projects, I hope to develop environmental awareness and consciousness through lectures, poster campaigns, and creative events, such as poetry slams and art exhibitions. I will also campaign for environmental problems to be addressed more comprehensively in the curriculum. 

As well as working inside SOAS, I want to push our impact further by establishing an environmental network with other London universities, and hopefully even national universities, to campaign for cleaner and greener cities and to demand the necessary political action for the planet. These are just some of my ideas, but I would love to hear yours! Email me at la Ecolution!

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