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Entertainments Officers

Yijia Tu

Hello SOASians! I’m so happy and excited to be your Entertainment Officer this year! My name is Yijia Tu and this is my third year at SOAS. Before coming to London, I was signed to a record label in China and worked in the industry for 2 years through which I learned a lot about the “entertainment” business - which I hope to contribute to my position! Also as a proud music-majored student (yes, the SOAS music department does exist, and it’s awesome!), we sure know how to throw parties and entertain people with music! But what’s more important is that this year I’m hoping to bring you more interesting events from different parts of the world, as well as make entertainment meaningful with links to charity events and raising awareness about important issues going on in our world! Feel free to get in contact if you have any questions, ideas or just to say hi! 
Looking forward to meeting you & having an unforgettable year! 

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