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Co-president Welfare & Campaigns

Dimitri Cautain

I’m one of your 4 Co-Presidents for the year. Making the Union work for you, our community, your education, and our collective well-being at SOAS is really important to me. SOAS is not an innocent institution or a rosy bubble for many of us, but if we work together, reach out, and support each other it can be the difference between just surviving and success. 

Amongst other things, I’d like to continue and scale up the fight against sexual harassment on campus, against surveillance and policing (especially of BME and international students and staff), for more mental health and counselling services, and for everyone to be treated equally and with justice, dignity and respect (including by supporting campaigns by workers’ against outsourcing and casualisation). 

Also, I’d like to support you in finding the support you need, and fighting for the change we need, to make SOAS a better and more honest educational environment; including things such as better and more affordable food, support with accommodation & immigration questions, tackling any and all forms of discrimination and abuse, and working in solidarity with campaigns across London and back home. 

We’re all in this together, and we can only get through it together! I look forward to meeting you, have a lovely day! x.


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