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Co-president Welfare & Campaigns

Jess Kumwongpin-Barnes

Hiya! I’m Jess, your Co-President Welfare & Campaigns. That’s a super broad title, but what it means is that I will be helping to support student-led campaigns and working to improve student welfare over the course of this year. 
Our lived experiences shape our time at university; factors that positively/negatively affect us at home don’t simply end on campus. We carry with us our experiences of class, race, gender, sexuality, (dis)ability, care obligations, borders and more. And this is often at the heart of campaigning. You’ll be able to read about the many campaigns from the local (Enough Is Enough, Justice For Workers, Fractionals For Fair Play), to the national (Free Education, Students Not Suspects), to the international (Education Beyond Borders, Free Palestine) and many many more including societies, groups and solidarity movements besides. Drop into a meeting or a social and find out more about what is happening here and now!
Your welfare is the priority of the S.U. There may be times when you need extra support, whether to do with mental and/or physical health, mitigating circumstances, or personal family situations. All of these are times that reaching out to the S.U. means that we can help. Drop us an email or drop by and we can see where we can support you in your university journey.
So, go along to a stall during Freshers’, come to a UGM (Union General Meeting) and have a say in the way we express ourselves politically. If you don’t think you’re a ‘political’ student, you never know who you might meet, what you might learn, the changes you can make. The most meaningful education I’ve had here at SOAS is through the campaigns I’ve been a part of, the friends I’ve learned from. So, I want to wish everyone a year full of meeting new friends and old, of learning in and out of the classroom, and making SOAS the community we aspire to be. 


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