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Co-president Education & Democracy

Hau-Yu Tam

Greetings everyone, I’m Hau-Yu. Welcome (back) to SOAS! Your time here will be full of experiences that demand your honesty, love, creativity, and for you to take up positions and learn from others.
As your Co-President Democracy & Education, I’m focussed on working to improve the health of democracy at SOAS. Basically this means listening to students’ lived realities and opinions - and amplifying student voices in decision-making processes. 

It’s clear we have to engage more students from PG, international and liberation group backgrounds in the S.U..  And I’ll continue pushing for more support & training for Reps, personal advisors and other key link staff.
We hold Union General Meetings (UGMs) throughout the year. Anyone can submit motions, which are debated and voted on by the student body.  We also have S.U. Elections in autumn and in spring! 

Finally, on the School governance level, I’ll be one of your advocates: sitting on working groups and Boards - notably Academic Board. Repping student needs and concerns, as well as relaying that info back to you/S.U. 
I’m also very interested in the history of SOAS & its archives. Watch this space!!

Regarding education - approach me for all things academic, teaching, research and learning. From course politics, to struggling in the classroom, to wanting to build your own projects, right down to doubting your degree… I can help point you in the right direction. SOASians’ labour and achievements deserve to be championed, connected, taken further – whether you are UG, PGT, PGR, IFCELS or alumni! 

We are all members of our S.U. Play your roles to the fullest here in our community – outside and inside the classroom, & in between. The results will be interesting!

I wish you a happy beginning belonging – see you around~

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