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Campaigns Officer

Daryan Omer & Max Gleissner

Hi everybody!

We are very much looking forward to being your campaigns officers this year. We understand this role to consist primarily in facilitating a strong, inclusive activist network based on mutual collaboration and collective action. Our aim is to connect students, workers, staff, friends and campaigns from and beyond the SOAS campus to build solidarity and mobilise all the available resources here at our university. We want to consolidate and build upon the SU structures, to strengthen the voice of campaigns, and to embed the union firmly into the lives of students, in both issues personal to students, in their well-being and access to resources, and in matters of organising and campaigning.

As Student Union officers, we also want to hold SOAS management accountable for their responsibility towards the SOAS community, especially towards our joint initiatives Decolonising SOAS and Enough is Enough. We need to make the campaigns’ findings (e.g. the Attainment Gap Report) be heard by the School, push management to act upon their recommendations (e.g. introduce mandatory anti-bias workshops), and fight for a more inclusive dialogue.

Please get in touch and let us know what you think!
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