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Union Executive 2017/2018

Executive Committee 2017/2018


Co-President Welfare & Campaigns         Co-President Activities & Events         Co-President Democracy & Education

               Dimitri Cautain                                         Mehdi Baraka                                      Nisha Phillips


 Co-President Equality & Liberation        International Students Officer                        Entertainments Officers

             Halimo Hussain                              Rama Sabanekh                               Pauline Ankunda & Hani Diriye


        Environment Officer                                  People of Colour Officers                                Anti Racism Officer

              Anna Gretton                          Jude Omidiran & Comfort Enoch-Moye                    Tawsin Ahmed


        Academic Affairs Officer                                Womens Officer                                            Campaigns Officer

Blanca Serrano & Hamish Anderson                   Fran Floris                                      Daryan Omer & Max Gleissner


            LGBTQ Officer                              Postgraduate Research Officer                      Working Class Students' Officers

                   Tom Ana                                             Robyn Waite                                  Lavinya Stennett & Valeria Racu


             Sports Officers                                   Disabled Students & Carers' Officer                   Mature Students' Officer

Sophie Bennett & Danny Edwards                              Elise de Wildt                                           Tom Mellish  


Trans and Gender Identity Students' Officer             Postgraduate Taught Officer (elected in October 2016)

  Jess Kumwongpin-Barnes                                              Zain Abdulla & Matthew Gaskin


Want to be an Executice Officer? Our big elections come up in February! If you're thinking about standing but have some questions, come and chat to Hannah in G6, or email


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