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UGM Policy

Title Lead Officer Status Date passed Lapse date Progress
Change the S.U. Women's Officer role title to S.U. Womxn's Officer Youssra Elmgaboul Current 10/10/18   Completed
Introduce liberation caucuses  Youssra Elmagboul Current 10/10/18   Ongoing
Make SOAS a frack-free University  Anna Gretton Current 10/10/18   Ongoing
Reform Wayfiinding Isadore Auerbach George Current 23/03/18   Ongoing
Preventing Prevent at SOAS and beyond Imran Jamal Current 23/03/18   Ongoing
Support the UCU call for strike action over pension dispute Tiffany Johnson Current 23/03/18   Completed
Support for the SOAS Sanctuary Scholarships Charlie Lawrence Jones Current 23/03/18   Ongoing
Extension of dissertation deadlines for postgraduate taught students Ebenezer Azamati Current 23/03/18   Completed
To get the Students' Union to be inclusively political and hold a democratic consultation (meaning 25% student body will be consulted) on terms of a campaign for tuition fee refunds (henceforth TFR) Robyn Arthey Current 23/03/18   Ongoing
SOAS S.U. to call on Keir Starmer MP to support the Divest Parliament campaign Kate Dyer Current 24/01/18   Completed
Increase Disposable Hot Drinks Cup Charge at SOAS to 50p  Lizzie Frost Current 24/01/18   Ongoing
Boycott the NSS 2018 - Stop TEF!  Hamish Anderson Current 24/01/18   Ongoing
Access to Education Mohamoud Hassan Current 16/11/17   Ongoing
Opposing the new School Attendance Policy for Tier 4 Research Students  Kathryn Nash Current 16/11/17   Completed
Fight for Free Education Hamish Anderson Current 13/10/17   Ongoing
SOAS Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy  Alexandra MacAulay Abdelwahab Current 13/10/17   Ongoing
Eliminating Plastic Cutlery at SOAS S.U. Shop & Bar  Sugandha Parmar Current 13/10/17   Ongoing

Using SOAS Main Building at weekends

Saly Toure Current 13/10/17   Ongoing

Securing and improving student representation during restructuring 

Nisha Phillipps Current 13/10/17   Completed

In support of the academic senate motion “campus events” 

Prema Goet Current 13/10/17   Completed
Halt the Changes to Student Spaces in the Doctoral School  dimitri cautain Current 13/10/17   Completed
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