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UGM Policy

 Union General Meetings are a way for SOAS students to shape S.U. policy. See below policy that has been decided at UGM in the last three years. Policy is active for three years after it is voted in. See outdated policy from before that at the bottom of the page.

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Title Proposer Status Date passed Lapse date Progress
S.U. shouldn't support unconscious bias training for academic staff as part of compulsory Equalities training before it is debated by the student body Alia Osman Current 07/05/19 07/05/22 Ongoing
Declare a climate emergency Daniel Selwyn Current 07/05/19 07/05/22 Ongoing
 Solidarity with Sri Lanka Archanaa Seker Current 07/05/19 07/05/22 Completed
 Weekly emails on strikes, impacts of strikes, and support to students Camilla Munkedal Current 07/05/19 07/05/22 Ongoing
Stop Racism and Islamophobia at University of Essex Andrew Awad Current 07/05/19 07/05/22 Ongoing
Update UGM rules Hau-Yu Tam Current 07/05/19 07/05/22 Completed
Emergency motion: Oppose redundancies, save exams, prevent a strike Siddharth Chakravarty Current 22/03/19 22/03/22 Ongoing
Support Migrant Connections Festival 2019 (MCF) Malena Antich Current 27/02/19 27/02/22 Ongoing
Support students who have been reported to the police by SOAS for political protests & continue the policy of cops off campus Imran Jamal Current 27/02/19 27/02/22 Ongoing
Motion for the Implementation of the Practice of Anonymity in the Assessment
Process for All Departments
Dita S W Current 27/02/19 27/02/22 Ongoing
Paint over Junot Diaz mural in the JCR Roza Atac Current 27/02/19 27/02/22 Ongoing
Co-President for a Black* Officer/ Black Pastoral Co-ordinator Lavinya Stennett Current 27/02/19 27/02/22 Ongoing
The referendum on the change of the structure of the Trustees for the Students’ Union is undemocratic and needs to be cancelled - need to carry out constitutional reform and ensure that the consultation consults as many students as possible, and that the changes will be for next academic year Imran Jamal Current 27/02/19 27/02/22 Ongoing
Remove non-metal cutlery in the refectory Inès Rodier Current 17/01/19 17/01/22 Ongoing
Install Ecosia as default search engine on all SOAS computers Sarah Bittner Current 17/01/19 17/01/22 Ongoing
Demand big containers in the refectory for sauces and salt/ pepper Inès Rodier Current 17/01/19 17/01/22 Ongoing
Stop the Registry (fees & scholarships team) sanctioning late payment by blocking access to BLE and learning resources Saly Touré Current 17/01/19 17/01/22 Ongoing
Against the library cuts Gabriel Huland Current 17/01/19 17/01/22 Ongoing
Creation of a fund to support PGR to attend conferences Kira Brenner Current 17/01/19 17/01/22 Ongoing
Trans Mental Health Support Sonja Shah Current 17/01/19 17/01/22 Ongoing
Funds for Yarls Wood Demo Imran Jamal Current 17/01/19 17/01/22 Ongoing

To continue supporting students who have been victimised by SOAS

Imran Jamal Current 17/01/19 17/01/22 Ongoing
Reaffirm commitment to Justice for Workers Malena Antich Current 17/01/19 17/01/22 Ongoing

Allow students to access the content of the S. U’s meetings with SOAS management

Valeria Racu Current 17/01/19 17/01/22 Ongoing
Introduce a uniform bin system across the school Inès Rodier Current 17/01/19 17/01/22 Ongoing
Set up a working group to figure out a process by which to allow ALL exec members to send mass emails to entire school Krish Aurora Current 20/11/18 20/11/21 Ongoing

Support all-class feedback on assignments by course lecturers, and all-class note-sharing systems, across year groups and departments

Malena Antich Current 20/11/18 20/11/21 Ongoing
National Union of Students to End Precarious Work Nicolás Navarro Padron Current 20/11/18 20/11/21 Ongoing

Solidarity with Bulgarian Women (#YouAreNotAlone)

Krum Tashev Current 20/11/18 20/11/21 Complete
Follow Up with GBV Action Plan (& appoint a. S.U. point of contact with Account for This) Chandi Chawla Current 20/11/18 20/11/21 Ongoing
Against Jair Bolsonaro´s plan to move the Brazilian embassy to Jerusalem & to support demonstration coming up in January against his inauguration Gabriel Huland Current 20/11/18 20/11/21 Ongoing
Trans and non-binary inclusion in sport Anna Jordan Current 20/11/18 20/11/21 Ongoing
Make SU events and media fully accessible Indigo Ayling Current 20/11/18 20/11/21 Ongoing
Change the S.U. Women's Officer role title to S.U. Womxn's Officer Youssra Elmgaboul Current 10/10/18 10/10/21 Completed
Introduce liberation caucuses  Youssra Elmagboul Current 10/10/18 10/10/21 Ongoing
Make SOAS a frack-free University  Anna Gretton Current 10/10/18 10/10/21 Ongoing
Reform Wayfiinding Isadore Auerbach George Current 23/03/18 23/03/21 Ongoing
Preventing Prevent at SOAS and beyond Imran Jamal Current 23/03/18 23/03/21 Ongoing
Support the UCU call for strike action over pension dispute Tiffany Johnson Current 23/03/18 23/03/21 Completed
Support for the SOAS Sanctuary Scholarships Charlie Lawrence Jones Current 23/03/18 23/03/21 Ongoing
Extension of dissertation deadlines for postgraduate taught students Ebenezer Azamati Current 23/03/18 23/03/21 Completed
To get the Students' Union to be inclusively political and hold a democratic consultation (meaning 25% student body will be consulted) on terms of a campaign for tuition fee refunds (henceforth TFR) Robyn Arthey Current 23/03/18 23/03/21 Ongoing
SOAS S.U. to call on Keir Starmer MP to support the Divest Parliament campaign Kate Dyer Current 24/01/18 24/01/21 Completed
Increase Disposable Hot Drinks Cup Charge at SOAS to 50p  Lizzie Frost Current 24/01/18 24/01/21 Ongoing
Boycott the NSS 2018 - Stop TEF!  Hamish Anderson Current 24/01/18 24/01/21 Ongoing
Access to Education Mohamoud Hassan Current 16/11/17 16/11/20 Ongoing
Opposing the new School Attendance Policy for Tier 4 Research Students  Kathryn Nash Current 16/11/17 16/11/20 Completed
Fight for Free Education Hamish Anderson Current 13/10/17 13/10/20 Ongoing
SOAS Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy  Alexandra MacAulay Abdelwahab Current 13/10/17 13/10/20 Ongoing
Eliminating Plastic Cutlery at SOAS S.U. Shop & Bar  Sugandha Parmar Current 13/10/17 13/10/20 Ongoing

Using SOAS Main Building at weekends

Saly Toure Current 13/10/17 13/10/20 Ongoing

Securing and improving student representation during restructuring 

Nisha Phillipps Current 13/10/17 13/10/20 Completed

In support of the academic senate motion “campus events” 

Prema Goet Current 13/10/17 13/10/20 Completed
Halt the Changes to Student Spaces in the Doctoral School  dimitri cautain Current 13/10/17 13/10/20 Completed
Boycott NSS Mehdi Baraka Current 29/11/16 29/11/19 Ongoing
24-hour library access Mirko Yimesghen Current 29/11/16 29/11/19 Ongoing
Towards Fairer Performance Assessments for Outsourced Workers dimitri cautain Current 29/11/16 29/11/19 Completed
£150 Administration Fee: Rescind and Refund Matthew Gaskin Current 29/11/16 29/11/19 Ongoing
Does the Union's governance work? Ali Habib Current 13/10/16 13/10/19 Ongoing
Changing the name of Black Officer to People Of Colour Officer and redefining the word "black" in union policy Ninette Iheke Current 13/10/16 13/10/19 Completed
SOAS SU to twin with Al Quds University Abdulla Saad Current 13/10/16 13/10/19 Ongoing
Justice for Cleaners to be a Priority Campaign for SOAS Students Union in the Academic Year 2016/17 Hamish Quinlan Anderson Current 13/10/16 13/10/19 Completed
The Right to Sell Food in the JCR Camilla Rechchad Current 13/10/16 13/10/19 Ongoing
Motion to develop the SOAS Refugee Fee Waiver Scheme Charlie Lawrence Jones Current 13/10/16 13/10/19 Completed
SOAS solidarity with Calais camp under threat of eviction Frances Grahl Current 13/10/16 13/10/19 Completed
Vote of Confidence in the SU Supporting Students Undergoing Disciplinaries ? Current 26/04/16 26/04/19 Ongoing
Defend the right to boycott Tom King Current 23/02/16 26/04/19 Ongoing
Motion in support of #ShutDownYarlsWood and ALL immigration detention centres Tessa Qiu Current 23/02/16 23/02/19 Completed
Cleaners in-house now Tom King Current 23/02/16 23/02/19 Completed
Sell Buckfast in the SOAS Bar Bilal Ahmed Current 23/02/16 23/02/19 Completed
Support security staff Hannah Slydel Current 23/02/16 23/02/19 Completed
Support the Union to look for a candidate who could be nominated in consultation with the workers at SOAS to replace Chair of School's Board of Trustees. JS Current 23/02/16 23/02/19 Completed
No Confidence in N.U.S. President Megan Dunn Tom King Current 18/01/16 18/01/19 Completed
No to course and job cuts Tom King Current 18/01/16 18/01/19 Ongoing
Stand By Me Aida Balafkan Current 18/01/16 18/01/19 Ongoing
No political disciplinaries Tom King Current 18/01/16 18/01/19 Completed
Pursue disciplinary action against Senior Managers for intimidation of staff and students Hamish Quinlan Anderson Current 18/01/16 18/01/19 Ongoing
Support our staff Tom King  Current 18/01/16 18/01/19 Ongoing
Recognize and celebrate international workers day on May 1st! Saul Jones Current 18/01/16 18/01/19 Ongoing
Compulsory Access Breaks for Lectures of Two Hours or Longer Hamish Anderson Current 18/01/16 18/01/19 Ongoing
Support a national strike ballot Tom King Current 18/01/16 18/01/19 Completed
Paint the Bar Aida Balafkan Current 18/01/16 18/01/19 Completed


Outdated S.U. Policy Book

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