Sports Officer

Emma Thackwray & Alex Allen

University is about so much more than just academic studies, and when it comes to sport there’s load on offer here at SOAS. We strive to make SOAS Sports as accessible, diverse and inclusive as possible for everyone, whether experienced players or total beginners. Everyone is welcome! The SOAS sports teams offer great stress release as well as chances to socialise and to play the sports you love. We offer a range of sports from football and rugby to pool and martial arts which can be played recreationally or in competitive BUCS leagues. All that matters is that anyone can be involved, be it socially, competitively or casually. Like ‘SOAS Sports’ on Facebook, follow us on Instagram @soassports or feel free to send an email if you’d like to get more involved or give feedback!


Good Evening, I’m Alex a 3rd year Politics and International Relations student. Playing sports has always played a massive role in my life. One of the first ways I ever made any sort of contact as a fresher at SOAS was through football events such as the organised kickabouts during Freshers, or the trials for the Football team. In my first year at SOAS I played for the Men’s Football team and became the Social Sec, this year I played a more important role as the President of the Men’s Football Society. Throughout the year I have learned and understood that under the eyes of Management and others, sports at SOAS is definitely considered as secondary to everything else that goes on, and this is something I believe can only be changed with further collaboration by all sports teams. Going by the words of Russel Crowe “Whatever comes out of these gates, we've got a better chance of survival if we work together. Do you understand? If we stay together we survive”


Hi I’m Emma, a 4th year Chinese and Economics student. Since starting at SOAS I have played for the SOAS Women’s Football team, been Social Secretary and President, and have been heavily involved with sports as a whole: in London and while away in Beijing. Sports has made my university experience some of the best times so far, and I really look forward to making it the best I can for future SOAS athletes! This year is about making SOAS Sports respected, recognised, and loved! We hope that we can convey to the students at SOAS a welcoming, inclusive, and family-like environment that we have experienced!

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