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Postgraduate Taught Officer

Nidah Kaiser

Hi! I'm Nidah Kaiser (she/her) and am:

• 25, from Bombay, India

• a qualified Physio (MSc)

 • reading for an MSc in International Politics


(And I really love cake!)

 Things I care about that affect PG-T Students

1. Post-MSc employment: Can we increase rewarding job opportunities for post-grads?

 2. Library Hours: During the summer, can we get access beyond 9pm for post-grads to work on their dissertations?

3. UK +2yr Visa Extn: Could it's applicability be extended to 2019/20 students as well? 

(And a door handle for the PG Common Room!!!)

 I'd be SUPER-HAPPY to be a sounding board for all your ideas & suggestions. 

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