Disabled Students & Carers' Officer

Felix Henson & Amba Janiurek



My name is Felix and I am one half of your disabled and carers’ SU team! I am a second year Anthropology student and am excited to support you and really help make SOAS more accessible to disabled students and carers. I have directly experienced accessibility problems and ableism at the university and am happy to be in a better position to tackle it and make it a better place for current and future students.


I’m Amba, a second year anthropology student, and the other half of your disabled students and carers SU team! I’ll be expanding accessibility - furthering aims of disability justice across SOAS through practical, empowering interventions, and projects that treat disability as multifaceted and not inherently disabling. My direct experience of ableism and structural violence as a disabled woman, and a pragmatic, humanising understanding of interconnected issues will underpin my approach. Looking forward to working for and collaborating with you!

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