Co-president Equality & Liberation


Roza Atac


Sup yall, I’m Roza your Co President for Equality and Liberation. This year is a weird one, believe me I know, but together we can make it through (hopefully)!

I’ve had many experiences with soas su, some good and some not so good... But they couldn’t have been that bad since I decided to stick around for another year. My role is fairly broad, and in all honesty I’m still not sure I fully understand what it entails exactly. You can basically say I’m a Jack of all trades. I am here to facilitate the liberation of marginalized folx on campus and more broadly through our various campaigns.

We cannot forget there are levels of privilege, this messed up world means some are more aggressively and daily affected by marginalization than others. This is why the most marginalized need to be centered in the work we do as an SU because their liberation means liberation for us all.

SOAS has its issues, but it remains a safe haven within the violence of capitalism and the hostility of the world. The environment the uni fosters and the people it attracts are what makes this institution special. The SU, more specifically the bar ;) , are without a doubt where I’ve done the most learning these past 3 years, this is what makes this place so special. I came here not understanding my identity as a mixed-race womxn not having grown up in either of my parent’s homeland, and although the work is far from being over the people I met and the debates I had were SO important to my journey.

I am always here for you to lend a listening ear or a helping hand, if you ever have any issues or feel discriminated in anyway and need some support my emails are always open!

Anyway, can’t wait to meet you all, virtually for now and hopefully in person if miss rona allows it.

Free Kurdistan,

xoxo Roza

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