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Co-president Education & Democracy

Maxine Thomas-Asante

Hello! I am Maxine and I am truly looking forward to representing you over the next year.

Education is an incredible privilege, helping us to grow, engage with and challenge the world around us. While you are here take every productive opportunity to do just that. The best part of my SOAS experience was learning in a variety of different spaces from the lecture theatre, to the SU Bar. This well rounded and critical thinking makes me very proud to be part of the SOAS community.

It is important that learning occurs bilaterally. As students we should be contributing and reframing ideas. This is requires classroom spaces that empower us. As such I am a supporter of the inclusive teaching initiative, establishing practices that make education more accessible. Additionally, we must counter structural inequality from wider society seeping into classrooms. The racial attainment gap is a key concern. This year, I aim to address the reality of racial inequality in higher education as it pertains to SOAS.

SOAS welcomes students from a variety of different backgrounds. It is important to ensure students feel the SU is accessible, and welcoming. This year we will be introducing ‘Get Vocal’ in addition to the UGM. This gives you the opportunity to hear about what we are doing and suggest ideas. Lastly, keep your eyes peeled for the strategic referendum.

As a student body we aspire to be active citizens, a driving force encouraging the improvement of the world around us. We invite you to be a part of that. Simultaneously, our job is to represent you. So come along to G8 for guidance, support and to share any suggestions. Keep an eye out for all the events, campaigns and societies. Most importantly, help us to shape an SU that belongs to you.

In power and solidarity.

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