Accommodation Officer

Oscar Ward

Hey there, I’m Oscar and I’m a World Philosophies student coming into my last year of being at SOAS. I’m your accommodation officer which basically means I’m here to get your problems solved if you’ve got any issues or questions. Last year in this role I helped people organise a rent strike against the largest provider for SOAS, Sanctuary Students, and I've also helped people fight their landlords to get their deposits back and their dignity in housing restored. Contact me whenever you've got issues with your housing, whether it's landlord or accommodation provider issues or you need some conflict resolution with your flatmate who's not understanding your needs/situation. I'm more than happy to sit down with you, hear you out and signpost resources for you.

Lots of people are looking to exploit students living in London and my role is to make sure that it doesn't happen to people in the SOAS community. Secure, affordable and accessible student housing is essential for all students' progression and mental health.

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