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Democratic Procedures and Policy at SOAS Students' Union are led by the Co-President Democracy and Education, Tam Hau-Yu.

SOAS Students' Union is an organisation run by SOAS students, for SOAS students. This means that our decisions are made in a democratic manner in a number of ways. This includes:

  • Electing student representatives in October and March
  • Union General Meetings (UGMs)
  • Referenda

Under UK law, SOAS Students' Union (and other student unions around the country) is a registered charity, regulated by the Charities Commission. This means we also have a Board of Trustees who are tasked with overseeing the actions of the SU and ensuring it is financially healthy.

This section contains:

  • The Constitution and Schedules, the documents that define how we function as an organisation
  • The Governance Library, which includes minutes from UGMs, Executive Committee meetings and meetings of the Board of Trustees, showing the decisions that have been made and voted on in the past
  • Profiles of members of the Union Executive - the people who have been elected to represent students in specific areas to the school

If there's something we're not doing that you think we should, you can make it happen. Likewise, if we're doing something that you disagree with, you can change it. The most important thing about being a member of a student union (which you are automatically by being a student at SOAS) is that you have the power to shape the things we do


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