Academic Information


In this section, we have summarised and explained the changes that the School has already confirmed in regards to academic activities. You can read their original text on their Covid-19 FAQs student page.  You can also get the most recently updated SOAS-specific information in MySOAS here.

We would like to advise you to read the school's assessment update before getting in touch with your departments or course convenors about your specific case. In the end, this is a national (and global!) crisis and everyone is trying to work out the best solution in the current context. All your concerns will eventually be addressed, but the responses may take some time to materialise. You can reach out to your student rep to make sure your feedback is being looped back properly. You can check who your student rep is here

The Students’ Union has been pushing for students' interests in our negotiations and conversations with the School, with the experiences of students present in our headsand being also aware of SOAS staff’s needs and capacities. These are uncertain times for everyone and it is essential we prioritise everyone’s wellbeing when coming up with solutions. We would like to ask you to be patient while we, as a community, figure out the answers to all your questions. 

We have got your back, and it will all work out eventually. For now, please focus on your wellbeing and your loved ones’. Take care and stay safe.



On the 31st March the school emailed all students and staff, confirming that the buildings will remain closed throughout third term (12th June). This is truly unprecedented times. Any Term 3 lectures will now have to be delivered online, delivered through a variety of platforms (zoom, google hangouts, and mostly BLE Collaborate on Moodle). 

If you are having any technological issues around this please contact the IT department for support. If you’re having difficulties accessing for a specific module, you can always contact your course convener or tutor. If you miss a class you will not be penalised and if your lectures are not recorded you should find notes and guidance on BLE/Moodle. 

If you need support in understanding and accessing remote delivery, please contact your module convenor or your academic advisor for guidance. A portal for remote access to student services is set up in MySOAS students pages

Your individual course convenors should have been in touch regarding arrangements for any remaining in-class activities - please be patient as some activities are more complex to convert to a virtual environment than others.



All deadlines between 19th March - 4th May have now been extended for two weeks. Therefore, the earliest coursework deadline students in our student body should have is now 2nd April 2020. 

The changes in deadlines will be updated to your Moodle pages. Please be patient until all information is updated - there are a lot of changes going on in the School and our academics and departmental staff are extremely overworked trying to put everything in place.

Similarly, the final School deadline has been pushed back from 4th May to 18th May. This is the last day to submit coursework that is to be marked in this marking period for finalists. There are current discussions in the School about when the next chance to submit work would be (August 2020, next academic year, etc). Details will be confirmed by the end of March. If you have questions about progression, please get in touch with your Department Student Officer.

Please remember that you can submit work at any point via Turnitin, there is no need to wait until the deadline. Feel free to stick to the original deadlines or your own if that would reduce stress for you. Extensions are meant to accommodate, rather than further disturb. On a similar note, if you have a deadline before the 18th May and you are unable to meet it due to the current situation, feel free to submit your coursework anytime before 18th May. You can then avoid your marks being deducted by claiming mitigating circumstances. 

Despite the extension in deadlines, mitigating circumstances can still be put forward for situations associated with Covid-19 that may have impacted you disproportionately, such as self-isolation, caring responsibilities, anxiety, housing issues, lack of access to the library, etc.

For information on mitigating circumstances during covid-19 see the schools update here, and the Welfare Support section.



The School has confirmed that all exams and end-of-year assessments will be online. The full position has been confirmed.

Additionally, the examination period has been pushed back and it will now take place between 27th May and 24th June 2020. 

Please do check your emails regularly, and visit our Welfare Support section for more information.



The graduation ceremonies that were to take place in July 2020 have now been postpone. That does not mean that finalist students will note get their degrees awarded, but rather than the ceremony itself will be postponed in favour of everyone's safety.

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