How Can We as Students Support the Strike? 

Students can show solidarity by not crossing the picket line and using other off-campus spaces to study. Also, please discuss the strike with other students and encourage them to support the strike. 

Other ways of supporting the strikes could be: 


1. Tell your lecturers you support the strike! 

It can be a really difficult time for striking staff, so knowing that they have the support of their students could make it a lot easier. You can use the template here


2. Encourage your non-striking lecturers to join in!

Some lecturers won't be striking. You can also write to them to encourage them to join the union and the strike as you support it. Additionally, you can also tell them that you do not feel confortable crossing the picket line, and ask them to please reschedule the class or record it. There is also a template for you to use here.


3. Visit picket lines on SOAS campus, as well as in other unis! 

Picketing is a legal activity, and these lines are aimed at spreading awareness, gaining support and convincing as many people are possible to join the strike. Staff immensely value student presence on these picket lines, so pop along to say hello to your staff, give them a cup of tea and a biscuit and tell them that you support them! Here is a list of all striking institutions, many of which are in London.


4. Come to the Teach Outs on the picket or sign up to host one yourself!

UCU is organising a series of Teach Outs on the picket line, which are alternative activities to promote education outside of the traditional university teaching schedule. UNISON and the SU are actively involved in supporting those so make sure you come by! You can see the schedule here


5. Join demonstrations and marches called by UCU and other unions!

First rally has been called for Thursday 20th February at 12.30pm at UUK and UCEA offices on Tavistock Square. There will also be a march for education on Wednesday 26th. There will potentially be a student bloc on the London Women's Strike 2020 march, and a #EducationIsOur national demostration called by the student movement. Stay tuned! 


6. Email SOAS Director Valerie Amos and Deputy Director Steve Hopegood

Ask them to use Valerie’s voice as a member of UUK to resume negotiations with UCU and UNISON. If you wish to, you can use the template email prepared by the UCU here. Additionally, you can also include the local dispute that fractionals are currently negotiating on which entails cuts to fractional budgets and contracts as a consequence of the suspension of research leave for some permanent members of staff. See statement by Fractional For Fair Play (FFFP) campaing here. 


7. Email UUK and UCEA Presidents

Tell them you support the strikes, and ask them to put forward real proposals which properly address staff concerns. Once again, some templates for you here.


8. Tweet your support to @UCUSOAS by using #UCUstrikeback and #EducationIsOUrs and promote the strike fund!

Staff will not be paid for time they are on strike: they are risking a huge amount financially to take part in this campaign, so any financial support that can be given to the strike fund is massively appreciated. Also, publicity is the best way to get the public opinion on board and increase the national pressure to resolve the dispute as soon as possible.

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