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Ella Spencer

Hi, I'm Ella (she/her), your 2021/22 Welfare & Campaigns Co-President.

I'll be updating my Officer Blog weekly to keep you up to date with what work I am currently engaged in.

If you have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to email me!

August 2021

This week I have been working on organising the Campaigns Fayre on the 8th of October as part of our Freshers Fortnight at the SU. We are excited that it will be taking place in person this year! The aim is for incoming and returning students to meet SOAS campaigns, see the work they do and how to get involved. Confirmed campaigns at the moment are Justice For Workers, the Palestine Society and Art & the African Mind - check out the amazing work they do using these links.

I have also invited some external groups to come in and do workshops which I am very excited about. Autonomous Design Group who are a design collective using art for anti-capitalist liberation, against capitalism and authoritarianism are going to come and do a session on revolutionary art. I'm hoping that People & Planet will do their workshop called 'Divest Borders' which will help us introduce our new divestment campaign targeting SOAS' investments in the border industry & the military (among other things!) on the understanding that these have to be addressed for any meaningful action on climate change. 

Myself & Hisham, the Co-President for Equality & Liberation, have also been hiring our facilitators for this year's Enough Is Enough Consent Workshops and working on setting up the project for the new Coordinator which we are excited about, especially working with the new facilitators and coordinator! If anyone wants to be involved with that project please reach out as we want the project to continue being student-directed.

If you have any questions about this or other things I'm working on or want to be involved, feel free to reach out!!

Love & solidarity 









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