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Ashtanga Vinyasa


Monday 5:15-6:30


Val’s yoga journey started from experimenting with yoga poses from a book while still at school. The experience became useful when healing martial arts injuries later in life, and, after tasting different approaches, she found herself at home with Ashtanga method and its birth place Mysore in India. This is where she regularly goes to deepen the practice and explore her physical & mental edge. Although Ashtanga might appear quite physical, since the postures are repeated, with time students memorise them and the practice becomes a moving meditation. Through mindful breathing, asana practice and noticing the thoughts, the yoga mat becomes a mirror for life. Strength, flexibility, stamina, 'yoga glow' come as a 'by-product' of the practice. Val teaches traditional Ashtanga counted in Sanskrit where each move is synchronised with breath and a gazing point, which helps to purify the body, nervous system and the mind simultaneously. She promotes independence and encourages students to take ownership of their practice.


Taught by Valeriya.


Location: Room L67, Main Building.

Price: £5 drop in / £30 for 10-class pass.



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