A society committed to challenging the logics, impacts and notions of incarceration present in our communities and university through collective learning and solidarity with abolitionist efforts.


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Abolition Society


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     We are a new society determined to challenge the logics, impacts and notion of incarceration, both in society and in our personal lives. We want to facilitate the creation of a space within the university to learn collectively about abolitionist practices and theories, to share ideas on the experience of transformative justice, and to redirect people and resources towards existing abolitionist initiatives. We imagine this society as a place to exchange ideas and references on the ways we can practice and implement non-carceral ways of dealing with harm.


We aim:

- To create a space of collective learning around carceral systems, the complicity of higher education institutions, abolitionist work currently underway, and practices that work towards a world beyond prisons.
- To research and challenge the ways in which higher education institutions, such as SOAS, are entangled with the prison industrial complex.
- To begin, join, and listen to conversations at SOAS around the ideas and practices of abolition, while redirecting people and resources to groups already engaging in abolitionist work.
- To foster a non-hierarchical community that tackles harm in non-carceral ways, intentionally engages in collective care, and maintains continuous conversations about how to practice abolition in our daily lives and interpersonal relationships.



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