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Capitalism got you down?
Sick of exploitative hierarchical relations? Feel like revolutionary change is what's needed, but can't stand the dogmatism, opportunism and Lenin-worshipping of the authoritarian left?
Then come join the Anarchists!

Anarchism is often misunderstood and gets associated with chaos, smelly white teenagers and the Sex Pistols. In fact it's a political philosophy dedicated to the liberation of all and the destruction of exploitative and oppressive institutions. For nearly 200 years Anarchists have been active in worker's movements and liberation struggles, and though much of their history goes unrecognised, all over the world Anarchists continue to work for a free society. SASS aims to be a part of this movement and to create an accessible, inclusive group for anti-capitalist anti-authoritarian students.

This year, SASS will be launching a series of events explaining, exploring and expanding what Anarchism is really all about, while organising collectively to put our ideas into action. We aim to support campaigns in our university and communities by supporting people in their struggles and doing what we can to help them directly get the goods!

SASS - For a Free Education
and a Free Humanity!



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