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Anarchist Student Society


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If you oppose capitalist exploitation but have seen the harm that authoritarian government solutions have caused, if you believe basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing are a right to which all are entitled, if you believe in direct democracy and free association, then SOAS Anarchist Student Society is for you!

SOAS Anarchist Student Society (SASS) believes in the liberation of communities and the individual through the dismantling of oppressive hierarchical systems. To us this means challenging both the economic subjugation of capitalism and the authoritarian disempowerment of government, that people and communities have the right to self determination and access to the basic necessities of life, organised through free association and mutual aid.

This year we are setting up a mutual aid group to foster community solidarity and support, especially for students self isolating. We are also organising talks by grass roots community and campaign groups.

If you have any ideas or suggestions let us know, we believe in direct democracy and autonomy so if there's something you think we should be doing let us know and we can support you doing it. 



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