Love dancing and K-pop? Here's your chance to learn new dances, have fun, and spread the K-pop love with all of your friends!


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Musetta - KPDCS


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Musetta is the K-Pop Dance Cover Society here at SOAS!

We have free K-Pop workshops that are open to all dancers regardless of experience. 

There will be auditions that take place that will determine the dance cover unit. This unit will atend reheasals (a minumum of once a week), as well as a shoot date. The dance cover unit will be taught by the President, an LA-based dancer/teacher with extensive K-pop experience. All shoots, rehearsal, and concepts will be organized, providing members a great chance to be a part of a professional dance crew.

Rather than focusing on the number of dance covers, Musetta focuses more on the quality of them as we are representing SOAS and we want to put our best foot forward. 

Musetta will also participate in more live performances, at DGC dance showcase and other K-Pop related events.

Musetta is open to any member of the Student's Union and will be a great experience for anyone who joins, especially those looking for a more professional dance experience at SOAS!~^^





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