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Kashmir Solidarity Movement


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SOAS Kashmir Solidarity Movementis a society dedicated to promoting and raising awareness of the Kashmir conflict; as well as working with respect to and interest of self-determination of the Kashmiri people.

Aims and objectives

• To highlight and raise awareness of the issues affecting the former princely state of Jammu & Kashmir, including the origins and history of the conflict, as well as human rights abuses carried out by the occupying forces of India and Pakistan
• To stand in solidarity with the Kashmiri people
• The society aims to study the Kashmir conflict through various means, including hosting political, historical and cultural events. The society will focus on the entire region of Kashmir from Pakistan-Controlled Kashmir, to Indian-Controlled Kashmir and Chinese-controlled Kashmir.
• The society intends to mobilise students in order to achieve a positive settlement for the Kashmiri people, by organising campaigns, fundraising and lobbying relevant bodies to uphold international human rights law.
• Promoting a non-partisan approach to resolving the conflict by focusing on the Kashmiri peoples’ right to self-determination.
• Collaborating with both national and international communities groups to build a broad awareness campaign.



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