A society to organise revolutionary students at SOAS against racism and imperialism.


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Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! SOAS Society



The Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! SOAS Society aims to campaign against discrimination and exploitation both within the university and outside. Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! is an independent political newspaper produced by the Revolutionary Communist Group, with contributions and support from other groups and individuals in Britain and around the world. The paper is used in the streets to as a campaigning tool by people fighting for social justice and economic equality. We aim to arm people with knowledge, as the basis of collective action.

The student society is called Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! because both these forms of oppression play an important and complementary role in maintaining capitalist profits. Assata Shakur, a revolutionary from the Black Panther Party, in exile in socialist Cuba, said in an interview in 2000: "Cuba is not only talking about racism in abstract terms, but connecting it with imperialism, which is the underlying reason that racism keeps on being promoted in all of its various forms today. I think anybody who is honestly struggling against racism must struggle with imperialism and vice versa."

The Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! society is democratic. It is open to anyone as long as you agree with the constitution's norms and core principles. All society members are urged to contribute to the running of the society, including proposals for areas where we should be focusing our work.

The society runs a reading group as part of its strategy to promote revolutionary ideas and democratic organisation in the university.

You can find all of the society's upcoming events here.

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