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Art From Waste


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This society has the ambition to not only reduce waste through recycling, but to change our perception on what 'waste' is - if we begin to see objects like plastic has having an artistic use then this may lead to a reduction of people simply tossing crisp packets and the onto the ground. 

This society is very immersive and expansive in its scope. Cecilia, a skilled craftswomen and PhD anthropologist will teach us skills to make art from waste by showing us techniques to sew, stitch and thread plastic, crisp packets and other materials to make a variety of different objects. We will do this through a series of workshops. For more information email Anna at, and join the Facebook group.

It isn't just the skills taught that are important, but the conversations we have whilst doing it. It is a means of relaxation and a de-stressor, as well as exploring the concepts behind the craft - namely, environmentalism, aestheticism, anthropology, and anything else you'd like to discuss.

All welcome, non-SOASians too. 



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