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Asia Pacific Focus (APF)


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Asia Pacific Focus (APF) is a collective think-tank society. There are three aims of the establishment:


1)        It provides a perfect platform for our students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines share their knowledge with each other in a focusing area, the Asia and Pacific region.

2)        It is an excellent society for us to expand our network. With APC it can provide a perfect opportunity for our members to have a face-to-face experience and expand their network. Members can link-up their ideas collectively, expand their eyesight and discuss topics with an all rounded aspects.

3)        With a regional focus, we provide regular presentations, workshops, seminars and other trainings for our members to gain updated knowledge in Asia Pacific region. We will invite people from all professions to SOAS to discuss what happen in this region from cultural to economic perspective and from commercial aspects to political visions.


We wish our members on the one hand can learn and understand more in the region, on the other hand speak out and share their ideas in Asia Pacific Focus.



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