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British Pugwash Society


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Pugwash Conferences on Science and International Affairs has a long and distinguished history of bringing together all sides concerned about the social impact of science, with particular emphasis on disarmament, elimination of weapons of mass destruction and the promotion of peaceful settlement of international disputes. Pugwash and its most eminent spokesperson, Joseph Rotblat, jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1995.

The British Pugwash SOAS Society aims at providing a platform where matters that lie at the intersection of science and world affairs with regards to conflict, security and development studies in Asia, Africa and the Middle East can be constructively debated.

The British Pugwash SOAS Society is a bridge between SOAS’ areas of interest and Pugwash’s fields of activity that provides students with the opportunity to take up pressing international issues and engage with the most knowledgeable and eminent figures from the Pugwash network.



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