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Maqam Society


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The Maqam system of modal scales is the basis of much of the music of the Mediterranean 
and Near East region. A complex musical system which is infinitely rewarding to those who 
know its ways.
The Maqam Society @ SOAS was formed at a time when the study of Arabic, North African 
and Middle Eastern Music was going into decline at SOAS.
We felt that there was interest among students at SOAS, and among the wider public, in the 
Maqam structures of Middle Eastern music broadly defined.
We are committed to developing understandings of the maqamic basis of those musics – in all 
their geographical and historical extensions.
For this purpose since 2010 we have organised Maqam Concerts in which selected groups of 
musicians celebrate their heritage – Arabic, Jewish, Iranian, Turkish, Greek, Kurdish and 
more besides. So far we have done concerts in the following modes: Hijaz, Saba, Ushshak, 
Hijazkar and Rast. You can visit some of the performances at
These concerts are a rich source of understanding of maqamic musics.
We also organise seimars and conferences on Maqam music – for instance the Hijazkar 
Conference held at SOAS on 14 December 2013.
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