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Oromo Society


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The Oromo are the largest ethno-nation in the horn of Africa and a significant minorities in a few east African states. Very little has so far been known about their history, language, and culture. Their indigenous system of governance is a fascinating contribution to cotemporary democracy and globalization. Oromo Society is a new student initiative to create academic platform involving students, faculty, and academic researchers of all field to exchange knowledge and explore the Oromo in greater depth.

We promote diversity and culture through celebrating rich historical, linguistic and cultural heritages of the Oromo by hosting many stimulating cultural events, academic seminars, to encourage and build understanding of their place in the wider world.
The Society also aims to inform people about contemporary issues surrounding the Oromo—an undertaking rarely discussed in the mainstream academia. We are working, by bringing together with all students who may be interested to explore new taste of indigenous African culture, towards proper presentation of the Oromo in the academia. Doing this at SOAS, a world leading institution in the study of Asia, Africa and the Middle-east, may also bring together researchers with an interest in Oromo and northeast Africa creating strong inter-disciplinary dialogue.



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