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SOAS IR Soc aims to engage the students at SOAS about the oppurtunities and challenges in global affairs by holding exciting events throughout the year through panel discussions, career workshops, video screenings and talks on a wide range of topics, from the war in Afghanistan to the South-China sea issue, from Cyber warfare in IR to environmental damage on a global scale, all of which would be specific to an International agenda. We aim to build an exceptional reputation among our members and throughout the wider student body of holding exciting and relevant events throughout the academic year.

International relations is the study of relationships among countries. the role of sovereign states, non-governmental organisations, Inter-governmental organisations and multi-national corporations, tackling topics such as economic development, globalisation, global finance, terrorism and organised crime, state soveriegnty and nationalism, nuclear proliferation, foreign interventionism and human rights. 

With this in mind, the International Relations Society will be an exciting and dynamic addition to the SOAS University society scene. Bringing together expert speakers and lively debate, we constantly aim to engage our members at the forefront of global issues.

We welcome all students irrespective of their field of study.



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