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Welcome to SOAS Thai Society
Kho-Taun-Rub-Soo-Chom-Rom-Thai SOAS

SOAS Thai Society is for both native Thai students studying at SOAS and everyone else who are interested in all things Thai. We will be eating Thai food, showing cool Thai films, having Thai karaoke evenings, arranging talks, going on trips to Thai temple for festivals such as Loi Krathong / Songkran and many more fun events.


SOAS Thai Society 2017-18 Committee

President - Tuankrasae (Nern) Siriwat

Secretary - 

Treasurer -


List of Presidents of SOAS Thai Society

2009-10 - Ms. Woratip "Pui" Otrakul

2010-11 - Mr. Ayden Stuart

2011-12 - Mr. Art Mitchells-Urwin

2012-13 - Mr. Ayden Stuart

2013-14 - Ms. Kirati "Gib" Jitngamsujarit

2014-15 - Mr. Thanawat "Big" Silaporn

2015-16 - Mr. Tharm Smuthranond



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