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Overland Travel Society


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“When you want simply to arrive, you can take a carriage; but when you want to travel, you must go by foot.”

Without going so far as to renounce all forms of transport as Jean-Jacques Rosseau seems to be doing, the Overland Travel Society is a group of SOAS students who share the hobby of travelling
without flying.

We have all sort of reasons for keeping our feet on the ground. For some, it’s that the bus offers a dirt-cheap and surprisingly comfy way of reaching Holland for a weekend; for others, a three-day train marathon to Istanbul is worth the third of a ton of carbon emissions prevented; and for many, it’s the adventure of discovering places that you would never see by plane as you navigate between cultures and landscapes.

Together, the Overland Travel Society plans routes for journeys of our own. This academic year there will be both adventures around Britain and journeys far beyond our island, as well as journeys within the local area. That said, it’s often not the destination that counts, but the people you meet and the places you discover on the journey.

The Society also runs a film series showing the best of road-travel and travel movies, and a talk series presenting travel writers and experts, alongside projects to provide you with the resources and info you need to keep travelling without flying. For more details and to get involved, seek us out at the Freshers’ Fair



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